Policeman gang-raped a 17 year girl

20th Dec 2013,   shame   Chandigarh: It’s shocking that the upholders of law are the ones who have been breaking the law. They have crossed all their limits and performed such a heinous crime of gang-raping a minor girl. A 17-yr-old from Khudda Lahora of city was allegedly raped for over two and a half months by Chandigarh police constables after she called the police to intervene in a fight between her brother and father. One of the constables took advantage of the girl by luring her to accompany him in the days following the complaint. He called his colleagues for accompanying him in raping the girl for several weeks. The girl decided to commit suicide after being molested for long, but before that she thought of informing her brother about this harassment. The girl’s brother then contacted the area’s councillor and lodged a complaint. “The girl’s brother approached me on advice about registering a complaint against the police with the police,” Councillor, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Saurabh Joshi said. The incident has embarrassed the Chandigarh police which suspended 4 constables following the complaint. The fifth constable who is allegedly involved in the incident is as yet unnamed while two constables have been arrested.    



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