Working Women VS Housewives

orking women vs housewifes With the facet of family economics going through transilience, majority of men prefer to marry a working lady. Apart from obtaining a pecuniary advantage, a working woman tends to understand their husbands better way as they face similar state of affairs at their workplace. Amit Bajpai, sales and marketing manager says, “Especially in metros, where the standard of living is so high, a man would like to have a helping hand. Moreover, a working wife would understand the work pressure you are facing; you can talk to her about your work related problems. I think the working population has become more smart and sharp with the passage of time, as they have to deal with unique situations every day.”

But what about housewives?     

Nowadays housewives face so much flak and are the butt of so many jokes that we as a collective whole have succeeded in making women feel guilty about their choices. Isn’t it wrong to judge women for a choice that they’ve made each for their own reasons? Perhaps, someone wanted to spend more time with their kids, perhaps someone didn’t like their job or perhaps they simply liked being a housewife. Who really has the right to look down on somebody else’s choices and assign a value to them? Some may call it a lack of ambition. But ambition is not necessarily a virtue that needs to be solely linked to a career. Aspiring to become a better mother, a better cook or a better friend is also being ambitious. Being a housewife doesn’t mean one is wasting the earned degrees of college. After few years of job, no one would ask about them. Recruiters will want what you have learnt now and not 8-9 years ago in college lectures. More often in life we tend to find ourselves doing things completely different than what we learnt in college. Does being a housewife mean that you aren’t using any of the skills that you’ve picked up? Today, when you hear the term “transferable skills” thrown around when job-hunting, why can’t we apply the same logic to being a housewife? Any housewife would tell you that running a household involves efficient management, organization, delegation, prioritization, planning and so much more!  

A question of choice

Untitled Ultimately, each person chooses to do what works best for them. Just because that choice doesn’t work for us, doesn’t make that choice an invalid one for someone else. And if we have no regrets and are happy with our choices, then why should we allow anybody else to tell us what should or should not make us happy? People are often unhappy because they try to fit their lives into someone else’s definition of happiness.

Either way you choose it to be, just keep in mind what makes you happy and everything will be fine.

      ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Nandini Gupta.

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