Women are half the human resource!

  As far as the population is concerned, women consist of half of it and if thought practically, then they actually support the development of the whole of it because they groom them. Well, for the development of any nation education is the gateway. That said then the entry pass to this gateway is even more necessary for women in order to speed up and improve our development process. women and education A child receives his/her first and basic education at home,  and an unavoidable fact is that the grooming or care of the child falls into the hands of the mother –the lady of the house. Well, why this is a woman’s responsibility is another issue to talk about, but because of this mechanism the education of a woman actually serves as a medium of education for the family. Maternal mortality, high population, abortions, domestic violence all are linked to lack of education, with proper knowledge about pregnancy, precautions and rights all these problems could come to a stop. As per census 2001 “The gender gap between the literacy rates is 21.6%. As per Special Survey of Deaths, RGI, during 2001-03, the highest percentage of maternal deaths was reported in the age group 20-24 yrs (29%). In 2001-03, the majority of maternal deaths were due to hemorrhage (38%) whereas abortions caused 8% of maternal deaths and the maternal mortality ratio accounted to 301.” A woman faces various problems in various parts of her life-her health, her rights, and her family. Education and knowledge could solve them or at least provide her with measures to solve it. Because once she is aware of what she is entitled to, exploitation takes a backseat. Since ages, women education has been restricted to domestic necessities and household chores,but with the diversifying world these parameters need to be broadened. right to education Women are half the human resource and using it to the maximum is the best way to development. They are equally capable and talented, if we give them Equal Rights, the society is good to go!          

———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Ashwarya Bhardwaj, our intern. Ashwarya is an Economics Hons. Student form I.P College for Women, Delhi university. For her, words are her weapon to fight against the evils and her writing is a medium to pour her heart out on issues of concern. She is a firm believer of girl power and is contributing her bit to empower it.”



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