Why women should be respected?

  We all live in a world inhabited by humans. Humanity is supposed to be the first language of mankind. Different sexes, age groups, races deserve equal respect, so why are women secluded? Throughout ages the same question ‘Why women should be respected’ is reiterated in some male minds that should be clarified. In this patriarchal world, a woman is seen as an object to be acquired, given no voice and expected to be submissive. Her worth is hardly recognized and is rarely respected. She is not given an independent identity but the status of a jewel to be guarded by her father or brother or else be robbed. Gradually she is reclaiming a sense of individuality and her rights and status are being questioned. Some lucky ones have flouted conventions and moved out of old barriers towards freedom and respect. Some are still struggling with the binding ropes of oppression.

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‘Why women should be respected’ is needed to be replaced with ‘why women should not be respected’. Firstly, the role played by women of managing household well, nurturing children and doing infinite services to their family is of great importance. The working women strive to maintain a balance between office and household chores. Women’s contribution to the world can be considered more positive than men’s. Secondly, their worth can be best recognized by imagining their absence from the world. How chaotic and problematic it could become? The erased idea of love and lack of romantic songs will surely make the world a dull place of scary and solitary men. New-generations would never be born and thereby the end of human civilization. When it comes to respect, every creation deserves respect and admiration. Women have stronger emotional endurance and are in no way less than men. In recent times, education has empowered them and given wings to move ahead to desired locations. But they face every day a series of challenges and constant struggle to survive. The worsening social atmosphere of molestation and violence has made the whole world unsafe for them. The brutalities suffered by them create a big question mark on humanity.

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To conclude, women should be respected because God created them as equals and so we have no right to torture them or keep them away from their rights. Harming them will  affect your Karma and you will have to suffer in one way or the other for your Bad Karma. It’s unjustified and unreasonable how people like many of us, believe in the devotion of God, but do not value Good Karma. They say, ‘Karma is a bitch.‘ When you fuck somebody over, you’ll also get a chance to know what that feels like in the end “get a taste of your own medicine.” So, women should be respected because they aren’t stone or lifeless piece, they are humans, and have the same structure of heart, same feelings as men. They shouldn’t be alienated from Homo sapiens. They aren’t weak; history is witness to their greatness. They aren’t sexual objects; they are like a crown that must be held at high esteem for glorifying the world around them. They play different roles as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, professionals, etc. and make the world home-like and a better place to inhabit. They adorn the lives of numerous ones around them and complete mankind. Imagine a day without women & you will know ‘It needs real strength to be a woman.’           ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Anam Fatima, our intern.



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