Have you ever noticed the news closely when a rape case involving a rape and fatal assault takes place? They very oftenly repeat these sentences “The poor girl didn’t know how to defend herself”…”It is very pitiful that girls are born to tolerate and can do nothing in front of this overpowering, male-dominated nation”. Many have unheard it, some know it consciously but don’t dare to change it and then there are some who have heard it, taken initiative to improve and started with the concept of ‘self-defense’ classes.

self defence for women

Make your daughter learn cooking, it’ll help her in future. Make your sister learn good make-up, it’ll help her to look more presentable. Have you ever heard people advising “Make your daughters and sisters learn self-defense, it’ll help them to protect themselves from the harsh male dominating society”? No. Nobody speaks of it. Reason being, people have learnt to compromise on other things rather than providing their daughters with the skills which would protect her and act as armour for her. They know how to curb their daughters and keep her actions restrained to only those activities which are ‘correct’ for the regressive mindsets. They know how to suffocate her with their over-protectiveness and retrograde thoughts. They have not been taught all these but our society and its unprogressive traditions and mindsets have made it easy for them to follow. “Our daughter needs no self-defense classes because we don’t let her out after 5.00 pm”…”My daughter belongs to a very reputed family and that is why she didn’t even opt for a regular college.Rather she is doing her higher studies at home itself. So the need for self-defense doesn’t even arise”. Have you heard these ever from people when you advise them to make their daughters self-defensive? It irks to hear all this. It’s annoying.

indian girls practising self defence

Bring a change! Get up and do something for yourself today! Remember that your safety and your self-esteem are before these archaic mindsets! If you believe that self-defense is coequal to martial arts and martial arts is something you don’t wish to learn, then mind it, you r going the wrong way. Martial arts is the ancient form of military science and consists of hand-to-hand combat, whereas self-defense is the modern technique developed to help individuals fight for them to stay protected from unwanted attacks in a day-to-day life. India Women Self Defense Show the world and this antiquated society that you know how to fight with this tyrannizing, male-dominating civilization, without compromising on your freedom, happiness, dreams and aspirations. Go ahead and learn self-defense skills so that next time if any ill-bred person tries to molest you, you know how to set him right!             ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Atima Dhall, our intern. Atima is an under-graduate from Shyama Prasad Mukherjee college, Delhi University. She aims to conquer the world with her writing and sights at instigating people to differentiate between black and white,i.e. justice and bigotry. With immense optimism and buoyancy, she scrutinizes her society and intends to work for its betterment through her writing.



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