Who says Bald is not Beautiful?

Dec 6, 2013,   brave   19-year-old Angelica Galindez was crowned Miss Philippines Water 2014 on 2nd November 2013. Galindez, who suffers from baldness, was chosen to participate in the Miss Philippines Earth USA pageant based on photographs in which she sported a wig. However, she removed her wig for the final round and walked confidently with her natural, bald head. Galindez, who was diagnosed with the condition known as alopecia when she was 12 years old, had a few challenging years as her classmates would tease her about her bald patches. She says that her self-esteem was really low and she would cry a lot and sleep to escape from the pain. A beautician by profession, Galindez decided to give the pageant a shot after a family friend sent in her application. She felt she could use the opportunity to raise awareness about alopecia, thus participated without her wig. She is now gearing up for the final round of the pageant that will take place in Philippines in April 2014.   ————– SOURCE: Beauty Pageants  



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