This video calling out sexism in advertising by showcasing ads that objectify women will blow your mind

“Obviously, my cleavage can sell anything.” sexist ads A beautiful woman selling her body for a drink. An empty-headed housewife. A barely dressed diva with pursed lips and a designer clutch between her legs- that’s how the advertising world introduces us to women. Advertising and marketing industries share a long history of sexual objectification used to sell whatever product they have on their hands. “I love giving blow jobs to sandwiches.” this is the opening statement, which is no doubt an attention-grabber, but then that’s exactly the point of a new video posted on the #WomenNotObjects YouTube channel – to grab your attention and show you in no uncertain terms how the advertising and marketing industries degrade women and glorify sexism in order to sell everything from sandwiches to vodka to pickup trucks. 2 The #WomenNotObjects video features women holding up posters of said degrading adverts (surprisingly enough, there are quite a few out there) and providing voiceovers that demonstrate the ridiculous messages advertisers are effectively trying to ram into people’s heads: “I love sacrificing my dignity for a drink,” muses one voice. “Obviously, my cleavage can sell anything,” another points out. Let’s call out sexism in selling. Sadly, you probably won’t have to look far to find an example or ten.



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