This Girl’s Twitter Thread Will Make You Realize What It Means To Be A Girl in Delhi!

Women safety has always been an area of concern in not just Delhi but all over the world.
Doesn’t that remind you of all the discussions around rape, molestation & harassment.

Now, this is another alarming example.

Meet @Omeghaa who is an Electronics student at BITS Pilani.

Megha recently took a metro ride in Delhi and her misery shows us that how safe are women in the Delhi Metro. She took Twitter to share the same. Find the entire thread here.

1. It began with…

2. *enters creep*

3.But until…

4. None whatsoever!

5. Here comes the test!

6. This is the sorry state of our society!

7. ‘The audacity!’

8. THIS is where we stand today.

9. Anger doesn’t even cut it!

Ladies, you got to protect yourself, cause no one will! You can’t expect creeps to leave you for anyone’s sake!

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