Pink is so not her colour, she likes no colour bright, Disbelieves in marriage, but boys are her favourite sight. She cannot dance and has a hoarse voice, She suffocates in her corset, likes no dolls and no toys! She sits with her legs apart, her complexion ain’t fair. Not so charming face and roughly cropped hair, She is not feminine, yet SHE IS A WOMAN. 2 faces of a woman By force or by will, her virginity flew away She is active during nights and super sleepy during the day She is imagining a guy naked, her expressions can say! She bleeds every month, but does not want to conceive, She longs for the forbidden apple; she is that kind of Eve, She is not feminine, but SHE IS A WOMAN.   She is protected from cancer; she got her breast removed, She’ll give up on her lady parts, to get rid of the rest! How can she have children when nothing went out her vent? Yet she is a great mother, her children are born over a document. She is not feminine, but SHE DEFINITELY IS A WOMAN.

beauty isn't about being just pretty

He likes the colour pink, and he walks like a cat, His voice is very soft, like dolls and not the bat. He likes to wear a lipstick, and he weeps on a scratch, He loves to do ballet, and he hates the cricket match, He prefers going to a parlour, and get all hair waxed, He is feminine, but HE IS A MAN.   The word ‘feminine’ exists, as long as dictionaries do, But the meaning caters to a majority, and not just to few! Bring a change-not in texts, but thoughts; rise to a wakening call, Feminine and masculine don’t stand, until either is chosen by all, Redefine feminine, as there have always been exceptions over time, This is your chance: awaken, charge, and bring a change in your prime!           ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Ashwarya Bhardwaj, our intern. Ashwarya is an Economics Hons. Student form I.P College for Women, Delhi university. For her, words are her weapon to fight against the evils and her writing is a medium to pour her heart out on issues of concern. She is a firm believer of girl power and is contributing her bit to empower it.”



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