Mums are Super-Heroes!

Does she have super-powers? Let’s, have a check of our general knowledge. Who is the member in the family that’s generally the last one to go to bed in the night & is also the earliest one to rise in the morning? The answer is simple-our moms! Her day itself begins with her race against time. She rises up early in the morning, while we are still involved in our peaceful slumber. She has to make sure that that the breakfast is ready on time, so that we aren’t late for our schools &our daddies aren’t late for their offices. Her real challenge begins as we leave our respective houses. After our departure, she has to rush to the market & buy the daily necessities & that also within a fixed family budget. Superhero-Mom If you’re a good observer then some of the general observations you’ll make about your mom is: She’s one of the best in business in the art of bargaining: The way she convinces a vendor to sell his/her commodity at a price lower than that he/her quotes; there’s no doubt about it that she’s one of the best in business in the art of bargaining. She’s an expert at meeting deadlines: Meeting deadlines every day is something that we still need to learn from our moms. She just follows this simple mantra,”KaalKare So AajKar, AajKare So Ub Pal Mein PralayaHoyegi, BahuriKarogeKub” which means Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now if the moment is lost, the work be done how? She’s multi-talented: She does cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping & many more things that we would never ever even think of doing. She’s always full of life: Whenever, we arrive home from our respective schools, colleges, offices, etc. she always greets us with enthusiasm & inquires about our day. We may think of today as our most tiring day of our lives & so, we may take rest, but for her every day’s the same. She has to follow the same monotonous schedule without any complains & you may keep wondering from where the energy comes from for doing such loads of work? Does she have super powers? Definitely, not! She’s just like you & me. But, the thing that separates her from us is that she doesn’t follow such a hectic schedule because she loves it but it is because of her love for us!            



About the Author: This article is contributed by Vallankan Mendonca, our Intern.

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