Modernity Of Mind: URGENT Training Needed

Modernism, according to the Oxford dictionary is “Modern character or quality of thought, expression, or technique.” modernity quotes Being modern is like the need of the hour. It seems that without it we won’t get the essential nutrients from our diet or we won’t get the minerals of water. Dear folks, do you realize the real sense of modernism? Do you realize that there is a thing called modernity of mind or you can say psychological modernity? Don’t you think that we have modernized in all things except our minds? Yes, it is certainly the quality of thought which I am talking about. Understand that comparing women with men constantly is not modernism but realizing the reality that women have their own fortes is! Understand that being atheist is not modernism but realizing that the almighty God has a reason for everything. Understand that wearing constricted clothing is not modernism but having a right to wear anything without the fear of getting raped is modernism and it does not excite any kind of harassment. Rapist rape and the clothing has nothing to do with it! Understand that ignoring the eve-teasers is not modernism but retaliating is. Understand that being occupied with smartphones is not modernism but making our mind smart is! Forwarding the messages on social networking is not at all called as being modern but forwarding the thinking of developing a fighter in you is! While men must come out of their own ‘dens’. They actually need to develop the equality plane and stop demeaning their counter-parts. Modernism is reflected in the acts of parents. Like for a daughter, there are thousands of restrictions but what about the son? Are they free as air? They are equally accountable to the parents for their acts as like the daughters. For Instance: Son demanding a bike and so he gets it. But what next? Here the parents should catch hold of his activities and ask him what he did and where he went instead of thinking – “ladka hai, ghumega hi”. The best antivirus is the one which fights the virus with its optimum capacity. Likewise, we only have to get started with the job of fighting the taboo of Mute-Women. Yes we have to motivate ourselves to fight for the injustice, instead of being a mute spectator swallowing the harsh realities. We ourselves have to break this notion: “ duniya bahut buri hai” or “ har ladki ko struggle karna padta hai”. No we really have to stand against such notions by training our mind ourselves, yes “ourselves”. Train your mind such that wherever you see any kind of cruelty, your first action should be to rescue the victim and stand against the victimizer and to bear in mind that “Zulm karna aur zulm sehna dono hi gunaah hain”. While I urge everyone to modernize and train your mind. We generally tend to debate and argue on the freedom and liberty issues and the cliché is that this argument is only restricted to the clothing styles. Here comes modernism in the picture. Don’t be the sufferer but also don’t let others view you as sufferer. Yes, now get the guts! Be the change! Comforming with Julia Louis-Dreyfus  – “If you feel rooted in your home and family, if you’re active in your community, there’s nothing more empowering. The best way to make a difference in the world is to start by making a difference in your own life.”    


About the Author: This article is contributed by Vrinda Chauhan, our intern.




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