Metro Horror

Oct 26, 2013 metro   BANGALORE : Just when we watch our country yelling for gender sensitization and other ways to make our cities a better place for women . In Bangalore , a cry for help ignored by staff whose task it is to ensure the safety and security of commuters. That is precisely what CCTV footage of the incident of a college girl being harassed by a gang of youth on a Metro train on October 12 shows. In the words of the student , she stated “I was shocked when the officials, instead of castigating the lewd youth, were only bothered about pacifying them and asking us not to make an issue of it. They later suggested I go to the police. I have given a written complaint to the Metro officials as well ”. In their statement to the police on what transpired in the control room, the security staff of Byapanahalli Metro station corroborated the student’s version that the goons did threaten her in front of them. In spite of it, the Metro officials did not summon the police. Apart from the footage acquired on Thursday , another girl who stood beside her through her trauma together later at another station went to seek help from another official , but the man declined to help them and pointed to the direction of  an office . Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd ( BMRCL) spokesperson, BLY Chavan, had told BM on Monday, by way of atoning for the inaction of the guard, that he “cannot leave the place where he has been deployed” . So much to justify how our judicial machinery works to protect us in turn for the taxes we pay. Later the two girls were helped by an official who stood up to the girls and blocked the goons while they were about to get inside an escalator , an argument breaks in with the officials but like most sexual harassment cases this one too was not given any heed . Just a 45 minutes in the control room and then the four goons were out. The metro officials did nothing to call up the police . The police on receiving her complaint   did nothing for 10 days . But now with the footage out , the police are on the move to capture the goons . ———— SOURCE: THE TIMES OF INDIA



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