He called himself my ‘boyfriend’. That was my third day in college and he was my senior. He was the most popular guy in college and one of the smartest ones. Yet, he had an attitude! Being so popular, he had a huge circle of friends. He seemed a lot rich and he used to come to college in his XUV. He loved teasing people and I was one of his victims but I couldn’t say a word as he was a senior. Just like in love stories we used to meet daily, accidently! Soon there was a time when we got attracted to each other. I became a member in his group. He used to call me ‘pretty’. Don’t know why he called me so, as I was not that pretty but I always liked the way he used to call me. Within five months we got so close that we used to spend almost 12 hrs together. He loved my company and so did I. My friends tried to warn me that “he is not the type of guy you think he is”. But I wouldn’t listen because I was in ‘LOVE’ with him. And soon there was a night when we slept together, he cuddled me the whole night and I felt like he was the guy for me. The way he used to treat me, bring flowers, care for me, and spend time with me I used to feel blessed. I felt that what people talk of him was completely wrong. love-couple  But I was unaware, unaware of the things he used to do when he was not with me. I was not his only girlfriend. There were many like me. He used to visit them the days when he made excuses to me. He used to spend nights with them in the same way he did with me. I was just a victim who was in her own wonderland thinking of him as her prince charming. The truth came out the day I asked him, “When will we get married?”. He suddenly got angry, very angry. I had never seen him this way before. That night he laughed in anger and yelled at me saying “Who told you that we will get married?” He was right! He had never told me that we will get married, but all those things he did made me feel that I was his ‘love of the life’. When I told him this, he started to abuse me saying that I was the one who wanted all this and that it was entirely my fault.  I was heartbroken! I cried for days and didn’t go to college. I felt ‘used’ but couldn’t do anything. I wanted to kill myself. My friends, who used to visit me daily, had always tried to warn me a number of times and they knew that this would happen one day. But I was so blind in love that I stopped noticing things around me. I couldn’t face people in college and it was really hard for me. Ultimately, I had to change my college. I couldn’t complain it to anyone because it was not a rape. It was a consensual sex on false illusions. My love for him was true that I went to this extent, but was it entirely my fault? Why does the love for handsome guys turn into a fault? Do boys always desire only one thing and is there nothing called ‘love’ for them? I was nothing in his life! He used me and then threw me like a trash.      


About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Ashima Sachdeva.



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