Letter to Gurgaon Administration

  I am writing this letter for your recent decision taken to stop Rape cases in Gurgaon.

I work in a pub till late night; we face many people on daily basis. Some are good, some bad guys, some lusty fellows and some really smart asses. Yes, I appreciate your decision to curb Rape cases but you must have closed your brain while taking this decision.
Do you think that a Rapist wait till 8 and then he goes on a hunt? Do you think that working in a pub makes me more vulnerable for them? Do you think that such stupid decision will keep our moral and confidence high towards administration?
Do your mother and sister get raped when they walked out after 8?  Any women CM or PM ever got raped when they were on their visit during election at late night?
You have banned us and but have you ever thought how badly it will affect our professional as well as mental life?
Why not banning Men to come into pub after 8?
Why not provide enough security to us? Why not give us enough reason to have faith in police and in system? Why banning the so called “Fairer Sex” is always a solution? If you have any answer, please let us know and we will quietly sit in our home to follow such orders. Yours Truly A Woman (You can fill it again with your convenience) -Priya Kapoor



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