Legalize Prostitution

We often look down upon the sex workers, but most of us don’t even bother to consider what made them take up this profession. Oblivious of their stories, their real life tragedies, we humiliate them for their profession. We don’t even spare their children and embarrass them for being mothered by prostitutes. Many tragic real life tales came to limelight when researchers analysed the reasons which made women get into the flesh trade: some were sexually abused in their work place, some were preys to trafficking, some were deserted by their husbands and ended up here having no means to earn a living while some were sold by their own husbands. Many of these women have a family which they cherish and have kids whom they nurture. They take this painful path to support the financial needs of the family. 13th-prostitution-infographic-small-750x750_pd7rar Prostitution is not always a choice opted by them, rather their predicament leads them to it. Yet, they get dolled up in sensuous outfits to grab attention and provoke interest in their customers. What follows is the unpalatable torture at the hands of their customers. All this they do for the five letter word ‘money’. Money, not for a luxurious life but to fulfill her family’s basic survival needs. tumblr_mkn3ufZ50O1sn9t0yo1_500 We usually blame them for choosing the profession, but we really don’t understand their suffering. There are many pathetic behind-the-profession stories. Here is one: A woman who was working as a maid at a house was sexually abused there. When she ran away from that house, she woke up in a brothel. After that all her attempts to flee failed and she was forced to spend her life there as a prostitute. It’s high time to legalize prostitution in every part of the world so that the prostitutes will get their share of rights. At some point in their life, they had been victims of sexual abuse and as a result they had taken up this profession for earning their bread. We should understand them instead of just abusing and blaming them for their choice. “After Germany and New Zealand legalized sex work, violence against sex workers decreased while workers’ quality of life improved. Sex workers are human beings as well and they deserve respect. So never point fingers at them.       — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Amrita Dasgupta.



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