Khap and women- What a combination!

  Over the years, the Khap panchayat have ruled the village decisions, mainly in north India though it exists in similar forms in the rest of the country. Read the 5 Shocking Rules made by Khap Panchayat for Women that make the Combination of Khap and Women devastating. 1. Chowmein leads to rape: If someone asks you “What leads to rape?” The answer is not poor mentality of rapist, neither is it the objectification of women.the main and the most viable reason for rape is “chowmein”. Yes right “chowmein”. Well the great minds at our Khap panchayat provide for this. “To my understanding,consumption of fast food contributes to such incidents. Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking an urge to indulge in such acts,”Jitender Chhatar, a resident of Jind Chhatar village and Khap panchayat leader. Chowmein’s partners in crime are pizzas and burgers. For them these fast foods and modern culture is the reason for rapes and simple living is the solution to reduce them,because it is not the guys fault as indirectly chowmein guides his hormones and hormones guide rape-hence proved chowmein provokes rape.

women and khap panchayat

2. Rape is because girl’s sexual needs aren’t fulfilled Rapes can be controlled by another measure,and what is that? Reducing the marriageable age for girls to 15-16 year. This is a good solution indeed,Reduce the marriageable age for girls will fulfill their “needs” and lower their urge to get raped,because girls and only girls provoke rape,guys have nothing to do with it. 3. They aren’t secure, kill them instead: Why is sex ratio low in Haryana? Because according to the excellences in Khap, female foeticide is not because families don’t want a girl child or that they wish for a heir continuing boy .their reasoning is that girls aren’t safe in the current environment, they face various atrocities in the present scenario, so the best option is to kill them before they enter this world. 4. Beauty is not in clothes but vulgarity surely is: Jeans, shirts, tops and even chuddidaar salwar kameez is a strict no no. They excentuatethe curves and attract unrequired they should dress”appropriately”and the men have to keep a check on them and any violation is subjected to punishment. Their “unconventional” behaviour brings shame to the society so they need to be checked upon. “We believe that a woman should be covered from head to toe in loose fitting clothes that do not attract the male eye. Our idea of beauty is a woman whose hands alone are visible. Even her eyes should preferably be under a veil,” says Rajinder Singh, vice president of Barah Birohar Khap.

khap panchayat

5. A No Cell Phone Zone: Mobile phones are a total ban for unmarried girls according to Khap. Phones help them elope with their lovers against their parents will. The Panchayat went unsuccessful in bringing changes to the Hindu Marriage Act their alternative is to ban phones, specifically for girls, as if they talk to themselves and boys don’t use cell phones for these “immoral”  purposes. This rule is for their better interest.           ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Ashwarya Bhardwaj, our intern. Ashwarya is an Economics Hons. Student form I.P College for Women, Delhi university. For her, words are her weapon to fight against the evils and her writing is a medium to pour her heart out on issues of concern. She is a firm believer of girl power and is contributing her bit to empower it.”



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