If You Hug Or Wear Short Pants, You’ll Be Dismissed From This College

After schools banning short skirts from their uniform, it’s the turn of colleges in the capital to ensure their ‘moral’ code of dressing and ‘behavior’ in the institutes. DU girls Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), affiliated to the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has issued a notice banning “unhealthy behavior” such as “exhibition of affection”, and warned students to “dress appropriately” while on campus, according to a report. The notice goes on to state that those who do not comply with these norms will be dismissed from the institute. It also stated that students are required to “dress appropriately while in campus” and that their attire should be “befitting of a graduate student studying for a professional graduate programme”. ‘Sleeveless, transparent, see through or low neckline dresses, short pants and short dresses are banned’ apart from ‘social functions’, the notice said. “At the first instance, a warning will be issued. Those who continue to repeat such instances will be suspended and persisting in such behavior will result in dismissal,” it further read. ‘Public display of affection’, ‘hugging’, ‘holding hands by female/male students’ and ‘any kind of unhealthy behavior’ inside the college premises is also prohibited. The college management, however, have kept mum after being contacted by the media.



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