How Will A Marriage Card Look In The Year 2035?

This day will be very much a reality if the present sex ratio continues. MARRIAGE CARD According to the latest census conducted in the year 2011, the overall sex ratio in India as 940 females per 1000 males. If we consider the population of India and make use of algorithm, we will get the exigency of the situation. In a country where we all bow our heads to Goddess Lakshmi or Durga, celebrate their festivals with so much zeal; the irony is that in the same country girls bring bad luck, according to the patriarchal society (that still exists). Many of the girls must have heard from their  parents say ‘yeh meri beti nhi beta hai’. This statement itself declares that equality to be granted upon the results attainable by the son; the expression itself establishes the superiority of male child . Women are an integral part of the society. The Indian society has come a long way but still there are many things that they need to do to change the world. In spite of all the feminists views and radical ideas, the people in India take girls as ill-luck. When a girl is born in a family, after her brother’s death or after her birth, if a male member dies, the girl is regarded as the reason of the death. But the people should realize that if God has taken one thing from them, they have given them a much more special gift. Sadly people don’t realize that. I just don’t know what the government is doing? Busy in counting the porn sites! What about the issues which have a remarkable relevance like poverty ,education, women safety and many more. Why with every census the population of women is going down; this is not the country, we are pleading for!     ————–

 About the Author: This article is contributed by Nupur Sharma, our intern.



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