How to dress up for a date?

  ‘I am so excited today. I have to go for a date but I don’t know what I should wear. Black dress or blue dress? I am so confused. I need help.’ You must have heard such lines and when they come from a woman then it is a matter of utter surprise as her wardrobe is full of clothes and yet she can’t decide what she should wear. Ideally you can win his heart by your charming personality, by the way you talk and certainly by your confidence yet dressing up your best lets you earn extra brownie points. So here are certain points which you must keep in mind before going on a date- tempe-arizona-date 1. Perfect dress for a perfect location Are you going for a candle light dinner, a coffee shop or a terrace restaurant. Choose your dress as per the location of your date. So here are some tips what type of dress to wear – • If you are going to an evening date at a restaurant which has a romantic ambience then you should wear a LBD with heels along with a classy neck piece. • If you are going to any picnic location like lakes or famous places or a coffee shop it would be nice to wear a floral dress or a nice pair of jeans with wedges with a light make up. • Wearing heels should be comfortable for you and put make up which doesn’t look too cakey. • Choose the color which he likes the most so as to woo him. polyvore-board 2. Comfort comes first You are not going for any type of competition or a fashion event that you need to be a lot more trendy. All you wish would be to have a nice talk on a date without messing up with what you have wore. So be as simple yet elegant when it comes to your style. Always ensure to retain your own original style rather than being swayed away by the trends of the fashion police. 2fec7f201d5f78214f5016c4c5183258 3. Be You Well you are going for a date and you need to impress the person in front of you being as much effective you can. Always ensure to retain your own original style rather than being swayed away by the trends of the fashion police. Any kind of dress or makeup cannot replace the  smile and the beauty of your heart.         — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Mohil Sheth.



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