”Her Sweet Little Heart”

Every moment is just like a memory stored in her heart. She just lay in her bed covering herself with a warm blanket, to hide all her fears in that cold night. It was New Year’s Eve when she actually fall in love with him but never wanted to “fall down” in literal terms. So there was always a thin line of her own dignity and prestige but slowly this line vanished and by then from body to soul her existence was “him”. They were great together,they were enjoying each other’s company. It continued till two very “strong” and “breathtaking” years. After those two years the same “cold”, “shivery” night came and continued to scare her. As they days passed, her fears removed the very existence of the word ”strength” from their lives. She allowed herself to become too weak so much so that she couldn’t step out even once. Every meal, every shower and every conversation brought tears into her eyes. depressed-girl She tried so hard to move on, but no she was not able to. She stepped out to make herself believe that there is much more in life, but those two years were making her very weak. But this was her last try, and she wanted to be successful but sadly she failed. Girls, you are the most amazing of human beings in this whole wide world, and it is natural to loose your confidence. Just accept the fact that feeling depressed is natural because you do have that sweet little heart which is the best thing. So never be scared of anything and even if you do, there are a lot of people standing out there to help you come out of it and make you become the same person you were, don’t be ashamed of it. Go share it with any person you want to, because you deserve the best things in life. Come on, just a little courage and you will be fine. Trust the world, it is not that bad. Don’t lose hope and just make your life beautiful. FREEDOM

We all do have this cute “clumsy heart”- That clumsy heart, With dreadful heartbeats, Skipping one after another, Passing off all the deep silences, And looking up into the sky With blank tears all inside! Carrying the weight of that Clumsy heart all these years! And in a moment of grief, It breaks!      

  — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Devika Sharma.



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