Hello Ladies! Get to know how your zodiac sign defines you!

They say that it is very difficult to understand a woman. Well, how many of us agree? I do. I think women are beautifully mysterious and complicated personalities. But that’s what makes us ‘us’, the invincible gender. Here is an attempt to unlock the mystery of how paradoxical women of every zodiac sign are. zodiac

  • Aries: An Aries woman is bold and beautiful. She is always energetic and enjoys company of people. Staying alone for too long is not her cup of tea. She always wants to do something or the other and be physically constantly active. She is also a very headstrong and stubborn woman. But hey, what is the problem with being little assertive and getting things done our way?
  • Taurus: As the sun sign signifies, dear men, you don’t dare to mess with the bull or else all those tricks won’t be able to save you from the wrath of horns. A Taurus woman is known for her calm and genuine nature but once you cross her, you are in for some great trouble. Loyalty matters a great deal for this woman, in all aspects of her life. She is a purposeful woman who is cautious and practical. Now who wouldn’t want a lady like that?
  • Gemini: A Gemini woman is all about communication. She has a very straightforward attitude towards life. She has a vibrant personality and clever approach that can make anyone fall for her. But it’s really difficult to keep up with a Gemini woman because of her indecisiveness and lack of stability. She requires a man as smart willed and as interesting as her.
  • Cancer: A Cancer woman is a paradox. She is peace loving and passionate but she is furious and detached too, all in a matter of an hour. She is an extremely sensitive woman and she also knows how to maintain that IDGAF attitude. A mother by heart, known as the moon-maiden, a Cancer woman is the domestic goddess who can be a professional conqueror too. But beware of her mood swings, you never know when you can get caught in them.
  • Leo: Leos are fearless lionesses of the zodiac. They are powerful, impulsive and passionate; someone whom not everyone can deal with. But on the inside, a Leo woman is a sensitive lady who can get deeply affected by near and dear ones. If crossed, a Leo woman will put on her confrontational and aggressive side, so better watch out.
  • Virgo: Charm and grace defines a Virgo woman. She is a detail oriented woman, who is practical and reliable and thrives for perfectionism. On the downside, she has a tendency to become restless and cranky but if you get such grace and intelligence in a modest, loving and reliable woman, I guess you can deal with the restless and cranky part.


  • Libra: Libra woman is very attractive and flirtatious by nature. Libra women are known for thriving to attain the balance because of their harmonious approach towards life. The only negative part of this woman’s characteristic is that sometimes, in order to achieve the harmony, she cannot clearly make decisions. But that’s what everyone’s gotta deal with, if they want the classy Librans.
  • Scorpio: Made of all things mysterious, a Scorpion woman is your true exotic beauty with brains. She is a brilliantly sharp woman who focuses on fundamentals and is very intuitive and self-confident. Having too many good qualities make a Scorpion woman complex and secretive. We all like a little mystery, don’t we?
  • Sagittarius: A Saggitarius woman is an idealistic partner with a curious approach towards life. Being charming and organizational works absolutely in the favor of this woman. She has a great sense of humor and is quite philosophical. But the urge to be organizational, sometimes leads her to become impatient.
  • Capricorn: Simple, goal-oriented and determined—these are the three keywords for a Capricorn woman. She is a dynamic woman having an optimistic personality. A Capricorn woman is a woman who can be domestic as well as professional and she can master both of these things. Her determined approach towards life usually helps her reach the top making her the real boss!
  • Aquarius: Aquarian women are friendly, frank and smart. They can be termed as the social butterflies of the zodiac. They are really good with people but they still maintain that unpredictable side to themselves. These women have strong beliefs and they make really good leaders. The only negative trait an Aquarian woman possesses is that she can be a little impractical sometimes. But isn’t some impracticality needed to balance out all the wisdom?
  • Pisces: A Piscean woman is a spiritual, sensual goddess. She is a loving and guarded individual who is a romantic at heart. This woman is often too sensitive and emotional which sometimes ends up affecting her creative side. But her emotions are her strength and her spirituality is her power. This one woman is definitely for the keeps.

So the things that make a woman different are the things that make her. Stick to these and embrace your inner human flaws. These flaws make us beautiful.    


About the Author: This article is contributed by Rashmi Bagri, our intern.


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