Having sex with 13-16 year old girls increases age

  boost   Surat: In an explosive revelation, a former sewak who used to work in Asaram Bapu’s Ahmedabad-based ashram has claimed that the controversial ‘godman’ preferred to have sex with teenage girls in age group of 13-16 as he believed it increased one’s age. The sewak, who didn’t wish to be named for fear of retaliation by Bapu’s ‘overzealous’ supporters, claimed of having witnessed several instances of Bapu sexually assaulting young girls inside his ashram himself. “I was helpless back then. He had spies everywhere in the ashram and even outside in the administration. Those who spoke against him are likely to be attacked,” the middle-aged man tells, when asked why he hadn’t told of the incident to police before. He claimed that septuagenarian saint is especially fond of reading Bhav Prakash Ayurveda, an ancient text. “The second sloka of Bhav Prakash Ayurveda advices one to have sex with girls from age group of 13-16 years. The mantra says that doing so increases one’s age besides imparting sexual power. Bapu used to read it often,” the former devotee claimed. “Why is that both of those who have accused him of sexual assault and rape were minors at time of the incident,” he asked, referring to sixteen year old girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Asaram and another Surat-based woman who claims of having been raped by Asaram for eight years while earlier.



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