Gender Inequality: A Curse

Discrimination has always been a debatable topic. Customs acceptable previously are always challenged and new frontiers are drawn in place of them. Sympathetic and intellectual heads together review the changes which could directly impact human`s life and act accordingly. When everyone thinks that human race is enjoying its deserving prestige then this issue termed as Gender Discrimination crops up.”Few days ago when I was attending a workshop on human rights, a professor told the basic reasons for gender discrimination which made me to ponder. She said, from the very childhood we read stories in which women are always portrayed as home makers and men as the breadwinners; men don’t cry in those stories, whereas women cry. It made me think about the story of Cinderella, in which the protagonist Cinderella is presented as a helpless girl, who just sits by the fire and weeps. It’s like our mindset about this discrimination is set way before we start understanding things. And that’s the only facet in which we perceive women, till today. gender-660x440 A woman is expected to do the household work even when they are professionals. They are expected to cook, clean the house, do the shopping part, maintain the neat house, serve the food, do away the dishes, take care of their children and the list goes on. However, if a man does any household work, then he is said to be girly. I couldn’t find the logic behind it, till today. It’s not just a woman’s responsibility to carry out the household works; a man has equal responsibility towards it. Caring and growing up their children is also a dual responsibility and not a woman’s responsibility alone. Instead of discriminating women, the society must boost their confidence to be on par with men. So it’s high time we acknowledge self-assured women: “The best confidence-building gift you can give your friend, your daughter, your colleague you meet is to simply tell her that she is perfect and fabulous just as she is, and that everything will work out. Push her, instead, to try the things and to win.That’s what nurtures confidence – no matter the inhospitable environment. That’s what will move us toward a culture that truly values self-assured women.”       — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Amrita Dasgupta.



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