‘Feminist Tsunami’ On Valentine’s Day

The only thing worse than not having a voice is not using it. Don’t you agree? One Billion Rising is a global movement, founded by Eve Ensler, to end rape and sexual violence against women. It was started in 2012 as part of the V-Day movement. The “billion” refers to the UN statistic that one in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime, or about one billion. obr 2015 “Rise for revolution” is the vociferous message of One Billion Rising – a global campaign demanding the end of violence against women. It’s not the usual way of expressing outrage and protesting for change. It is like a ‘Feminist Tsunami’ that aims to stop violence against women. On February 14, there are 190 countries around the world holding noisy, energetic events encouraging “activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, women and men” to “strike, dance and rise”. IMAG4024[1] Let us dance to end the violence. Let us shake the earth into awareness. This Valentines, people from all over the world gathered in support of justice and the elimination of violence against women and girls. Let’s watch all of it in these short videos-

Street Theatre On ‘Masculinity’ By Asmita Theatre ->

IMAG4029[1] Watch the rocking ‘Asmita Theatre group’ performing at One Billion Rising 2015. Please note that this is not the whole recording.


‘Majma’ performed at One Billion Rising 2015 -> 

IMAG4033[1] Watch this band sing at One Billion Rising 2015. Please note that this is not the whole recording.


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