Female sex is not a girly attitude!

Shopping is a woman thing, but “Pins and Bows” are girly. Being colorful shoe crazy is a woman thing, but stilettos are girly. Just like a bindi is a woman thing, but makeup is girly. Why do people always confuse? The attributes of a woman are often used simultaneously to identify with a girly attitude. Like everything else in the world, sex too matter-of-factly is being confused as a social construct. But mind you, it is still a “confusion”, however big and intense it might seem. Now let us look at what this mere confusion of our highly worshiped-elderly- social-constructors has resulted into in the following years of liberalism and modernity: Two things- “Tom-boy females” and “Gays and Lesbians”- an utter confusion of gender roles creating a chaos isystem, system marriage institutions, Procreation and traditionally imbibed norms of Scriptures and Holy texts, all big words under threat, disarming the gibes of all our uncles and aunties. That of course, was unbearable for the kind of society that we are, the solution thus, another chaos. This is the final picture: tom boy Tom-boy females:

  • Principle -These are women who forget being women and are thus, “non-girly”. This only means that they always try to act like men.
  • Characteristics- They hate pink. They walk with open legs. They are physically free with men. They wear t-shirts and lose jeans with flip-flops. They are careless about appearance and keep simple even in weddings, which mean no makeup, no flaunting hair, and God no charming Colgate smiles!
  • Future prospects- After 18, they turn into an embarrassment- definitely not a bahu material but most probably lesbian.
  • Reality Check- A “non-girly” woman can be ambitious, individualist, independent and rationalist as a human being, often wrongly interpreted as manly qualities. Stop labelling her as “boy”, she is a woman and deserves to be treated with respect.
  • Gays and Lesbians:
  • Principle- These are men wanting to be woman-like and women wanting to be man-like. Thus, they prefer their own gender in sexual partnership.
  • Characteristics- Men catwalk. They move around with girls. Gossip like girls. Talk like girls. Eat like girls. Start growing long nails and hair. They wear pink shirts and tight trousers. Women stop wearing bras. They wear lose tshirts and pants. They walk like boys. They move around with boys. Talk like boys. Forget their limitations.
  • Future Prospects- Hormone parasitic and unhappily married.
  • Reality Check- The existence of love relationship involving members of the same sex in nature logically implies the forgery of man-woman relationship being the ultimate relation. Therefore, two gay men and two lesbian women are still men and women in nature, possessing qualities of their own sex. Queer interests are not billboards that people wear on their sleeves. They are interests, not a disguise!

So people, don’t let the society ruin what you are. Be as humane as you can, for that is all that matters. In a disaster stuck world, trust me, it is the most that even perfectly straight “girly” women and “manly” men are failing to be.



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