Empowering Women, Empowering The Nation

The ENN KURAL Movement: Time to empower the nation!
“In the view of a young mind, I believe that it is not only important to empower women but every individual around us has the right to embrace himself / herself with a stronger and confident state of mind, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights to the world. Then why do we not as a society work towards making every individual a rightful human being?
Why do I, as a woman do not feel safe when I am outside home? Why do I hesitate to approach a physically stronger human (read male) during an emergency? What has gone wrong in the society that time and again, we need to trigger the concept of ‘Women Empowerment’?
the ENN KURAL movementThe answer to all of these questions is may be within all of us. We know for a fact that the society has failed to bring in equality for both male and female in all areas. It has failed to treat women as an equally important part of the universe as men. It has failed to encourage the weaker sex (read females) and only bragged about the competencies of a man to bring about impactful differences in the society. The brother has always been given more than he deserved and the sister has always been forced to abandon her dreams in the name of her family. And thus, to overcome this huge gap of confidence between the two sexes, it has become our responsibility to work towards empowering women and creating a balance in the society. This balance is as important as the balance of the ecosystem. It is me, it is you, and it is the woman in us who can brighten the future of a family, society and a whole country through her nurturing capabilities.
Women need fresh and more capable environment so that they can take their own right decisions in every area whether for themselves, family, society or country. In order to make the country fully developed, women empowerment is an essential tool to get the goal of development.
I believe that an empowered woman can build her own mansion with the bricks that are thrown on her by others. Let us all nurture this belief to give wings to all the deserving and capable women around us. “ 
Courtesy: Nidhi Kukreja, Women Empowerment in India
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