Embracing the feminist spirit

divine feminine“Each time I walk into a room, not only as a woman but as one with secret which can be caught. I can easily spot amongst the crowd if it contains a gentleman or not.

Men and woman notice, and are perhaps curious to know my charm. I enter quiet with grace and never wish harm.

If one’s ever curious of my secret, first seek a real woman not the male with honor. Be he’s rich or poor, he thinks he knows but not unless he is a daughter’s father.

Only true women can see past all kinds of glitter and gold and know about a woman’s mystery. These women may not be what you deem pretty but the twinkle in their eye tells me they live the same as me. We embrace a feminine spirit when we hold our children tight. Think lastly of love and blessings as we close our eyes each night. Our calm spirit lingers so one can see her when out of sight. It’s easy to express emotions to when you no longer feel strength or might. Never forget, any of you, that women may not be rare. But that secret she holds is too beautiful not to stare. “     ———— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by our guest writer from Women Empowerment in India, Annette McCracken. Image courtesy: Sungoddessmagazine



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