Domesticated violence

stop the violence “Domesticated”, meaning converted or adapted to domestic use. About 70 percent of Indian women are a victim of domestic violence and that is how it has turned up the present scenario in the modern day life. The domestic violence is accepted as a normal part of life now. It is normal if the husband abuses or slaps his wife. It is normal to have quarrels in a relationship. It is normal to have fights to resolve any issues. It is normal to torture women and then leave her to cry alone! Who are to be blamed? The society which thinks it is common to have feud in a family or the women who always thinks about the family before her and digests all these violence without even a single protest.

end domestic violence

We are so accustomed to such domestic violence that we have either converted our minds to accept it or we have simply domesticated it. Constant effort by a man to win the arguments, show his ego and trying to dominate women to feel the testosterone go high! Either it’s for sex or money, it’s the women who are always at the receiving end and that’s a shame! It’s indeed a gift of nature that the women’s brain is wired to be more emotionally strong. To take these abuses both mental and physical tortures in a subtle yet understanding manner. But does it mean she has to bear and tolerate all the violence thrown at her without her will? It is up to the women, to decide whether she has to tolerate and accept the violence with a fear, a fear of losing her dignity, a fear of losing the womanhood, a fear of losing her family  or stand up for a cause to face the reality and to win over herself. After all every women has a right to live her life equally to that of a man. Many of the violence can be stopped at the very beginning itself. It is estimated that if the women protests or takes a stand in the very first instance she can feel strong and prevent the damage which can happen in future. Always be aware of the surroundings. Alert the neighbors or the parents or your relatives when the man abuses or causes physical trouble.

stompout domestic violence

Empowerment of a woman can happen when every mother takes an oath that she would raise her son in such way that he respects every woman equally other than his sisters, daughters and friends as well as she teaches her daughter to fight too as needed. . Every woman should respect her every uniqueness that god has blessed her with, and must fight for her self esteem. After all “Nobody gives you power, you take it.”           ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Ruchi Jha, our intern.



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