“Dear mom, you were always right”

There is nothing more pure than the word Mother. Mother is the best thing that can happen in your life. She loves you with all her heart without any anticipation. She accepts you with all your imperfections. We are indebted to her and this debt cannot be repaid no matter how many births you take to serve her. She brings you into this world after bearing pain for the whole nine months. She understands the reason behind your silence, tears and smile. She weaves dreams along with the sweaters she makes for you. All she wants is to protect you from the tribulations of the world. She tries her best to keep you from all the harms, she advises you, guides you and warns you. mom-with- Somewhere between all these things we have move away from our mother as we think she is wrong. As the wheel of time moves further we think that she is over reacting on certain situations. Sometimes we act as if we know better than her without realizing that she has seen more world than us. We make fun of her worries and fears and gave a name to it as “generation gap”. For the sake of privacy we hurt her feelings with our rudeness. When she tells us the decorum of the society, we shout at her that, “Mom, you are annoying”. We all end up mistaking her concern for strictness. We cannot discard that at some point in our life we intentionally or unintentionally, show  her the sharpness of our tongue. smiling- The wheel of time moved further, we grew up and we become a mother. When we look at our children unknowingly a wave of fear rise. That is quite natural; we don’t have control over that, no matter how cool mother we are. We tell them our worries and fears as we have seen the exact face of the world by now, but how can we forget the saying “what goes around comes around”. Yes! Now it is the time for us to bear the pain that we once gave to our mother. When our children tell us that we are annoying, we feel a kind of heaviness in our hearts. The heaviness makes us realize that how selfish we were. Realization always comes late. It comes out of lessons or experiences that you have in your lives. And if you realize then run to your mother fast because time doesn’t wait for anything, hug her and tell her that “Dear mom, you were always right” and that can ameliorate your pain and also the pain that once you gave her .     — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Srilekha Nambiar.



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