Cyber Child Pornography

”Cyber Child Pornography”, yes you heard it right!! This is a term with a broader meaning and has a much greater perspective associated with it, ‘cyber pornography’ is basically portraying sexual acts on the internet, sometimes easily accessible for ‘free and sometimes as paid’ videos on the internet. Cyber Pornography doesn’t just consist of amateur videos but they also include images and live webcams. If we take a look at this grim matter then we can infer that how several minor girls are trafficked and forced to strip them. They are even made to do sexual activity in front of internet cameras. Sometimes, they aren’t aware of the presence of all these hidden cameras. Child Pornography Most of these tricks are only used for publicity or for monetary prospects, but do we know how it affects those little girls who are forced into this, who probably don’t even know what is happening with them? No matter how illicit and unlawful these activities are people still continue to watch such porn videos with these poor girls on the internet being used only for sexual pleasure by the way of which we behave inhumanly towards these innocent girls. As per Cyber Law, if anyone browses child pornography on the internet, then they are supposed to be imprisoned for 5 years along with a fine of rupees one lakh. Yet we never fail to break rules. So, if we know that every new law or rule is made for the growth and development of this society as a whole then why all such illicit activities are taking place? Is our conscious dead or do we ignore the rules? The answer lies within us. We assume that Cyber Child Pornography only sticks to our computer screens but behind every picture, every video there lays hidden pain, humiliation and trauma of innocent girls. MMS Scandals, Pornographic images and other raunchy stuff of school girls not only tarnishes their characters but also ruins there life as a whole. Cyber child Pornography is such a deadly virus much lethal than adult porn because today people want to see fresh young faces of girls for the sake of their own pleasure. We need to find ways to solve such matters. It’s the responsibility of the parents to inculcate good moral values in their children right from the beginning. Each and every individual must restrict their internet use for good purpose rather than to utilize it to promote child pornography. We must remember the fact that before we’re tempted to watch something illegal on the internet, the people we are watching for pleasure are just like as-another human soul and we must respect her dignity. STOP CHILD PORNOGRPAHY          


About the Author: This article is contributed by Sonia David, our Intern. Sonia is a funky and sweet girl who is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Communicative English from Jyoti Nivas College, Autonomous in Bangalore. She loves writing, sketching and reading. She believes that women deserve much more and together, women can turn the world right side up!



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