Child Abuse


  It was my first horrified incident I came across when I was hardly 8-9 years old. I went to Firozabad with my family in my cousin’s marriage. All my cousins more or less of my age were gathered to make that wedding week more enjoyable and worth remembering. Out of them I had a great bonding with one of my cousin’s friend Aakash who was double the age of mine. We all nearly 8 9 siblings used to play in the dark corners of that hotel we stayed. On the very third day when we were playing, Aakash offered us to play hide and seek, everybody agreed readily for it. He took me into his team and offered me to hide in a dark and clumsy room in the basement, being innocent and childish I went down with him. He locked the room from inside and held me as tightly he could. I was totally aware of his intentions and thought this is a part of the game. His next step was to make me lay down on the floor and he somewhat tried to undressed me, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but I was not knowing how to resist it and how to show my denial to him. But to my good destiny my all cousins caught us and I was saved. Nobody asked me and I told nobody that what was happening there because I myself was unaware of it but when I grew up I came to know that actually this is called a sexual assault , a child abuse. Since that day I have never been able to face that guy, although I didn’t do anything , but I feel myself as a culprit as I am the one who acted so stupidly at that moment of time . if I had been wiser, I might have never went to that place. But what is good and important is that “I escaped that day”. ——- Anonymous



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