Brave Delhi Girl Drags The Robber All The Way To The Police Station

21-year old, Surbhi Ralhan is a commerce graduate. She is not trained in martial arts but guess what? She overpowered a snatcher who tried to snatch away her mobile phone and bag. What came to her rescue was the self-defense tactics she had learned in her school few months back as part of an alumni function. brave girl   While returning home from the market in Patel Nagar with her sibling, Surbhi was busy with her phone. The accused, Saddam, seized this opportunity and grabbing Surbhi, tried to choke her. Unfortunately, before he could execute his plan, Surbhi gained control over him. Wasting no time, the fearless law student got the better of the snatcher as she kicked, punched, chased and dragged him all the way to Patel Nagar Police Station. This is what Surbhi, the elder daughter of the family had to say to TOI: “The man was not prepared for the attack. He thought that I will let him go. He started running towards the Metro station when I screamed for help. Without losing a moment, my sister, who was a few steps ahead, and I ran after him. In the meantime, I also made a PCR call and caught him near the Shadipur Metro station. The self-defence classes were organized by Delhi Police at the school I passed out from. I had attended the program just to meet my old friends, but I never thought that the tactics would help me one day. I had learned just two steps – how to deal with an assailant if he attacks from the front side, and from the back side.” This is a shout out for all those who have faced similar incidents – muster the courage to reach out to the police. Let’s hope Surbhi’s example will inspire more women in India.     News Source: The Times Of India



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