Better To Be Strong, Than Just Pretty

Girls, we are not born to be real life Barbie dolls and it is not our duty to always dress up, wear makeup and show up. be strong No one appreciates “all beauty, no brains”. The adage “beauty is nothing without brains” perfectly suits today’s scenario. Never think as whether you look pretty or not. Just change your definition of a “pretty girl”. Pretty is the one who doesn’t care about her looks and complexion. Instead of seeking ways to improve her glow, she is the one who would think of ways to improve her individuality and would put her best foot forward. Girls, it makes no sense in just looking good and doing nothing. I am not saying that you should not look pretty, but I just recommend a slight change in your interpretation of the word ‘pretty’. Your pretty looks will surely lure a guy. But guys will come and go. Some might even hurt you badly. But, the only thing which can save you in crucial moments is your strong attitude. Stand up firmly! No matter how you look, what you wear or what your complexion is, concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on how you can stand on your own feet. Build up a personality that people will respect and not a face that people will gaze at and forget. What is the sense in merely getting dolled up with good clothes, best jewelry and make up? You will ultimately end up as a showpiece and what is the use of it? Nothing! Please don’t become a mere showpiece! Your pretty face can attract many but they may deceive and desert you. Don’t let your prettiness to let people use you. Be strong and keep your heads high. Be ambitious and pave your way to achieve everything you want. Have a great and strong personality, which will not break down at any moment and which can become an idol for others. As Nancy Rathburn says, “A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts.”    


About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Ruchi Sarin.



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