Be Brave Enough!

Few days back while travelling by metro feeder, I had an encounter with five bully guys who were tall and strong. They got into the bus when I was already sitting at the back with a friend of mine. The moment they entered the bus started creating mess by their non sense talks. They passed comments on people who didn’t bother at all. Even I was sitting quiet. But suddenly one of them pointed at me and started laughing. First I ignored but when he passed comment on my clothes I stared at him with anger. To which all his fellow friends joined him and began laughing like idiots. I was filled with anger and asked them to stop behaving that way. But this was not enough and they began abusing. My friend told me to ignore and stay calm. Because I can’t listen wrong and non sense things arguments began amongst us. The most surprising thing was that there were around 10-12 people in the bus and not even a single person uttered a single word. All were watching like a movie is going on for their entertainment. This is what a biggest drawback of our society. People just watch and don’t react. brave heart I just want to say to every girl who faces such situations that don’t be scared because if you are afraid they are encouraged to do so. Instead of keeping quiet react to the situation. Being a girl is a curse? No, we are the biggest asset and soul of this nation. So, come on beautiful angels step out and live like free birds and fight back when surrounded by any cage.       ——- Anonymous



Respect Women

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