ATM- ‘All Time Madness’

It is a common sight you see ATM’s on every street making it easier for people to withdraw money 24/7. But the new ATM’s have conquered our political scenario. It’s called “All Time Madness”. Like the extra ordinary politician with an insensitive point of view, even these new ATM’s can be seen in any political parties. Instead of lending money, these lend or rather throw absurd and insensitive comments on women, creating chaos among people. ATM Machine Their indigenous solutions to crime against women make even scientists, doctors and educationist go off guard. Here are the excerpts from few extra ordinary ministers. The recent political gimmick by Mulayam Singh Yadav, who openly addressed the gathering that Rapist should not be hanged because boys make mistakes. What a wise thought, since the numbers of rapists are increasing day by day, he is concentrating on that section of people who are fine with women being raped, molested or eve teased. Sure way of getting votes. No wonder his actions and words towards such crimes reflects like his name. Kudos Mr. Minister. More astonishing is when the ministers who are women themselves comment about what a girl should and shouldn’t wear. For them Rape is inversely proportional to the clothes women wear. What they are indirectly pointing out is that Rapists are at large, openly roaming everywhere without fear of law and hunting for the potential victims. Is RAPE the only punishment for what the girl was wearing..?? Does our culture really get corrupted when women wear short dresses and boys make mistakes..??


Every politician is obsessed with what women should wear or shouldn’t wear, Nobody says what a Rapist should wear. At least, it surely makes it easy for every girl to be alert and avoid the crime before happening. What is more chilling is the fact that, ministers are not the only ones who think this way. One cannot imagine the countless number of people who are alike. If each of the constituency has one such minister, the numbers could go even high. It’s time we realize where we stand and whom we elect. Else pay the price for their impudence.           ———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Ruchi Jha, our intern.



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