Are all women innocent?

Being a woman has its own advantages. You all must have realized this quite early in your lives. This article talks about how we flutter our lashes, twirl our hair, give that half smile or look innocently with slightly parted lips, to get things done in our own way. Be it thrifting in Sarojini or bargaining with the autowala a simple, “Please Bhaiya Maan Jau” mostly works for us. Some times all these things just are funny and crazy but at times women use these silly tricks for their personal and dangerous games. Screen-shot-2011-06-23-at-9.49.57-PM Today, we had a surprised ticket checking in the bus. When the ticket checker asked a middle aged woman for her ticket she gave excuses such as: Bhaiya Lene Wali Thi, Ab Le Leti Hu, I was standing and I couldn’t. Beside this she even pulled off her shawl to give him a peep at her breasts and when he shouted at this she started begging again. What is wrong with women? We cry against being considered pieces of meat, but we consider it our right to use our body for selfish purposes and yet expect respect! I’ve met women who never carry a penny on them and want their dates or boyfriend to pay for their food, shopping and everything else. Some women are willing to sleep with men for their personal gain. Women ask for alumni after divorce even if they are capable of earning or earn more than their husband as an extra income. What if the poor guy is needier than her? Laws are twisted and turned for money without hard work. And when these men speak out because of being used by such women we hardly believe them. Why should we always side with women when at times they are actually wrong? I have seen women entering in between queues and quarreling when questioned for their misconduct. Once, I saw a woman arguing with a handicap to leave his seat in the women’s compartment. She could not bear to stand for a while and did not have the humanity to let the seat to someone who needs it more than her (he had his one leg cut off). Some women wash their hands in the metro and when questioned fight back or try to look weak and helpless. flirting Such incidents make you question the beliefs that say, women are too emotional and giving. My neighbor flaunts that she is prettier than her daughter. She says that her daughter is dark and praises her classmate who insults that little girl. Think of how this must be affecting the girl’s psychology. How can a mother be so cruel to her baby? Isn’t it said, “putra kuputra ho skta hai par mata kumata nahi.” . I might write for pages of how women have used the image of softness and the feminist movements for their personal gain yet my pain won’t abandon me. We fight and struggle for justice and equality through sweat and blood but these mal-contents of the society seem to be using our struggle for their leisure. I do not know how to stop this but a way is to confront these women because feminism is a fight not against men but for the complete humanity. Our toil is not to shut men off but to shut these people who enjoy their position without thinking of the beliefs and trust they are trampling over.          


About the Author: This article is contributed by our intern, Utpala. Utpala finished her English Honours and is doing her Masters in English from Delhi University. She writes because she believes that written words never die and pen is mightier than sword. She has joined hands with Respect Women to speak out the thoughts she has during the vacuum hours of her days.



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