Andhra Pradesh: Parents kill 17 year old girl for ‘honour’

  M_Id_422731_honour_killing_17_year_old Hyderabad, Tue Sep 24 2013 A day after a 17-year-old girl who had reportedly eloped with her boyfriend was sent back to her parents’ house by the police, she was allegedly killed by her family. The girl’s family reportedly told the police that they had killed her to protect their honour. Her parents and 14-year-old brother have been taken into custody. The incident occurred in Korivi Mandal in Warangal district. The girl and her boyfriend, Ramsinh Banoth, both from a tribal settlement, had eloped about eight months back. It was reportedly the fourth time they had eloped. Since the couple shared the same surname, they were considered blood relatives according to their custom and forbidden to marry. The girl’s parents lodged a police complaint. On Saturday, the couple turned up at the Korivi Mandal police station and reportedly told Circle Inspector G Ravindra that they feared for their lives. While the boy was taken into custody, Ravindra asked the girl to go home. “I explained to them that since she is a minor, a case of abduction and rape had been filed against the boy. I asked her to go home and listen to her parents… I did not realise it would end this way,” said Ravindra. On Sunday, the police received information about the girl’s death. Her parents and brother had allegedly strangled her. “Her father said they had killed her as she would cause more damage if she was alive. Her brother showed no remorse,” said DSP Rama Devi.   ——— SOURCE: Indian Express



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