An Amazing Song To Treat All Women With Respect

This amazing video by DaddyDaDa Productions asks men to treat all women with respect. Aspiring  to stop violence against women and children, the American singer dreams to achieve this through the medium of rap and song. Just sprinkling some thoughtful lines of the song–“One-two-three-four-No more women on the floor”, “Use your mind not your fist, true love is full of bliss; keep your job, stay out of jail, control your anger and no more bail”,  “Reverse the vicious cycle of abandonment abuse; know your child, love your child and provide, she might be the next Beyonce, or Sally Ride”.



Respect Women

Respect Women- 'Get the Guts' aims to awaken the humanity in men as well as women. We are a group of enthusiasts who want to bring change online & offline.