”A Resolution For Lifetime”

Every year ends with the thrill and excitement for the coming year and makes a way for the bunch of resolutions. Everyone makes resolutions to improve themselves for good. Some people stick to them while others just forget them once the clock ticks twelve. Everyone tends to resolve better ways to renew themselves. Resolutions are never made by force but they force us to be better. Winston Churchill says,” To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” Well, resolutions are funny, serious, and uncanny but they offer us a unique way to comprehend ourselves.


2014- A year of promising resolutions where India not only made remarkable success in the fields of science and technology but also Modi government compelled people to change themselves for the service of the greater good. But in the glittering lights of success we forgot about the serious problems that emerged as a disease and now are on the way to take the form of an epidemic disease. The crimes related to women sky-rocketed destroying all natural ethics of humanity. Domestic violence: About once every five minutes an incident of domestic violence is reported in India. Rape: Ridiculously, India achieves the third position of rape cases and murders in the world. About 60 rapes are registered every day. Dowry: A medical journal in 2009, THE LANCET published that 1, 06,000 women are burnt to death every year. These are average figures so the actual figures are probably higher. It means death in every five minutes. Female foeticide : A survey of skewed sex ratio in 2011 census shows that child sex ratio in India was 919 females in 1000 males which declines from 927 to 1000 a decade ago. We wait for good days but good days never come as they remain same. It’s on us how we make them good or Bad. The choice is always with us. As this year ends every girl should take a resolution to protect herself and stand up for all the women in the society. Why should we wait for anyone to help us if we can save ourselves? Tech_resolutions_2015 Ignorance is not an option now. We should not only resolve for the service of the greater good but also we should promise that we will stand even if no one supports us. This is a resolution for lifetime. If anyone finds themselves in a dangerous situation, they shouldn’t panic at all. The better way is to keep calm and devise a good way to sort things out. The right way is to empower ourselves first and then empower others. We should help ourselves because we are not the weaker sex and even god helps those who help themselves. Never lose hope. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.         — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Vandana Chawla.



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