5 quotes that accurately describe what wearing a BRA is like

Being a woman is a terribly difficult task! No, I am not complaining here, I am just saying! You have to deal with so many things like, wearing a bra. No that’s not a small thing. If you are a guy and don’t believe me, try that for a day, of course in public—when you would be dying in pain and your BRA would be taking your breath away, when you just can’t itch on your boobs, because you are a woman and you need to behave yourself! Not just this, you also have to hide your tits by either placing cotton balls inside your bra, or wearing a padded bra with underwire that will take away even that compact amount of oxygen that you can otherwise breathe in! Ofcourse, if you were a man, nobody would tell you to hide your tits. That’s what this crazy, hypocrite world is like! Now, that you have read all this, have a look at 5 quotes that accurately describe what wearing a BRA is like: 1.That feeling when you take off your BRA after a long day. bra quote 2.If it requires pants and/or a BRA, it’s not happening today! bra quote 3. Some days just aren’t worth putting on a BRA. bra quotes 4.Home is where the bra comes off! bra quotes 5.Imagine yourself shopping a BRA, and your neighbor’s uncle walks up to you. bra quotes



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