25 Most Beautiful Women In The World

Thank God for gorgeous girls! Had God not created them, how would a man treat his eyes?  And a girl grows up right from her childhood imagining herself as the most beautiful girl ever! You know why? Because she is brought up in a world where she sees so much appreciation for beauty and she sees beauty is everything for men, for women and for everybody. So, she wants to achieve that position of the most beautiful women in the world and she uses fake teeth, hair extensions, make-up & what not? Remember the magical talking mirror in the story of Cinderella, where the evil step mother would always ask the magical mirror that one constant question- “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, tell me who is the fairest of them all?” sunny-leone Now, you might be wondering what this little piece of trivia from an old fairy tale has to do with this article? Well, here’s why- There are many websites which have been categorizing women on the basis of their beauty. While some of you might not found anything wrong with it. But I do! I feel categorizing women like this ain’t fair! Well that’s just my thought! You want to meet the 25 most beautiful women in the world? Here they are – 25 most beautiful women in the world These are random women and not the 25 most beautiful women in the world. Well, there are no 25 women who are most beautiful. You just cannot categorize women that way! Every women is beautiful in her own way. Our digital world, is sometimes a cruel world. As much as it has helped in the advanced transmission of information and knowledge across the world and has made living much more easier, there are some dark places such as sites that make these kind of lists. And it’s a sadist hobby or interest to be indulged in such kind of activities? I mean, why must one compare one’s beauty to another? Who are you to judge which girl is the prettiest or better looking? These questions of course hold a mild effect on such sites because these sites compare on a general basis. There is a site called-“Hot or not” where women’s profiles are updated and women are compared on the basis of their “hotness”. In fact, the predecessor of Facebook was a site called – FaceMash. It was set up on the Harvard server where girls were compared or voted by the students of the Harvard University. These sites may be called out by critics of social activism as meagre hobbies or interests and nothing to be taken seriously. But let’s think for a moment and try to understand the perspective of those girls whose pictures of profiles of girls who weren’t given enough votes by the students? Wouldn’t that mean they were not seen as hot or desirable? And what about those who were not even considered to be uploaded on the site? These kind of activities leave place for psychological issues in the lives of these women. There are even sites that hold such kind of competitions between boys and men but there is major wave of sites that incline towards objectifying women to be voted for. No women should be compared on the basis on her appearance, especially on such a wide public platform like the internet where they are left to be exposed! If you think someone is ugly, keep it to yourself. That is your sad view of that person and should not be shared with the world because for all you know, he or she might have done something beautiful in their life. And that is something much more worth than their physical appearance.      


About the Author: This article is contributed by Joshua Moses, our intern.



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