15 Things Only Girls Who Went To All-Girls School Will Understand

  girls school   Did you attend an all-girls school? Some of us did and we all have fond memories of our eventful school days.

1. Adjusting skirt length, folding sleeves, magically shifting from two ponytails to one

adjusting skirt  

2. Romantic novels like Mills and Boon, Temptations etc. were more popular than textbooks

romantic novels  

3. Having crush on the only 2 male teachers in school

crush on male teachers  

4. Most exciting day – when guys from All-Boys School visited your campus


5. What if we didn’t have boys, we had admirers among ourselves


6. Girl says she has a boyfriend, whole class goes crazy

girl says she has a boyfriend  

7. You could ask just about anyone for a sanitary napkin


8. You never had to worry about upskirt issues

upskirt issues  

9. You get used to high pitched noise and develop super human eardrums ;)

women shouting  

10. School functions? You could change clothes anywhere

girls changing clothes  

11. You used to tease boys from the school bus

girls in a school bus  

12. Don’t want to attend physical training class? No problem, fake periods!

no uterus, no opinion  

13. During holidays, visit best friend’s place. Return home with a crush on her brother

3 idiots  

14. Have secrets? Keep it to yourself or the whole school knows.


15. Finally, every girl swears, “This is it. I’m NEVER going to an all-girls college”

never go to a girls college  

Come what may, we made the best of friends during our school days. Love them, hate them but you just can’t ignore them.

Those were the days. :)




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